This is the possibly the most unique and fun part of designing your shirt. It will be the key identifying factor that will showcase your true style and express your 2ND IMPRESSION. It is important that you are mindful of your selection as once you’ve completed your selection and placed your order, you are limited to 24 hours to make any changes or cancel the order. This isn’t meant to make things stressful! We are confident that whatever design you choose will be one you will enjoy!

In making your print style selection, you will have a total of three design options to choose from: single pattern, dual pattern, and patterned sleeves w/ back design. Note that we provide a total of over 50 prints and designs to choose from. They can be seen on our Prints page. Furthermore, if none of those happen to work for you, feel free to submit your own custom patterns and print design.

Single Pattern

When you select one of ours or submit a pattern of your own that applies to both sleeves and the back panel. 

Dual Patterns

When you select or submit two different patterns—one to apply to the sleeve and the other to the back panel.

Patterned Sleeves with Back Design

When you select or submit a pattern to be applied to the sleeves and select or submit a single design of your own to be applied to the back panel.