A 2ND IMPRESSION shirt can be whatever you want it to be. The foundation is like any custom dress shirt, where you select the front panel design, placket, collar, cuffs, buttons and etc. But, what sets us apart from everyone else is you can customize the sleeve and back panels with a printed design or designs. You can choose from our exclusive print designs or submit your own. The uniqueness of your 2ND IMPRESSION shirt can go as far as your creativity allows.

For our shirts, the initial step we took for manufacturing is partnering with a leading shirt-maker in Asia, known for their fine tailoring and reputation for European standards. The next step we took is in the selection of our fabric. After much research, we chose a Two Ply 60 Yarn Count 100% Cotton Japanese Weave Satin. The decision was made based on its softness, sheen, and versatility as well as it is the perfect canvas for the application of prints allowing for colors and finer details to be expressed beautifully.


The central reason for opting to do custom shirts is fit. One instantly notices when someone is wearing made to measure or custom tailored clothing as it look great. Combining that esthetic with our unique concept takes things one step further in the way you look. We also found it to be more ethical in the reduction of waste and carbon foot print as it allow for efficiency and use of only what is needed, nothing more.