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Measurement Guide

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If you are expecting this to be complicated, you have nothing to worry about. We’re here to make things as easy as possible, so you have the options shown to choose from when it comes to your measurements. One of the best ways to measure for a dress shirt is to find a shirt that you already own that fits you well. You likely already have one that fits you the way you want your 2ND IMPRESSION shirt to fit. If you have unfortunately not found a shirt that fits to your liking, the other options are to measure your body or send us a shirt.

Finally, if you find this is all too complicated, we have one last suggestion. This is not what we recommend when ordering a 2ND IMPRESSION shirt, as we aim to provide you with a custom-tailored product, but we can also take orders based on neck size, sleeve length, and fit. You probably already know these based on the shirts you’ve purchased. It should be noted that we are not liable for fit issues when you place this type of order. If you are interested in placing this type of order, you should contact us at so that we can help you select the best fit to suit your body.

This takes the guesswork out of the process. You can send us your shirt, and we will gladly provide you with a detailed specification sheet with all of your measurements. Please note that we do not provide the shipping for this service, and you would need to send your shirt with a return label. If this option is the one you’re most comfortable with, use our contact form below or email us at to begin this process. Those who use this service will be provided with a discount code.

Download Shirt Measurement Guide

Once you have the shirt and measuring tape ready, close all the buttons, including the collar and cuffs. Lay the shirt out on a flat surface. It is best to use a large table or even the floor if you don’t have enough space. Spread the shirt out on that surface with the front facing you and the sleeves spread out. Smooth out any wrinkles. 


Do not add any extra to account for shrinkage; we will factor that in for you.



For the chest, measure just below the armpits at the seams, where the sleeves attach to the body of the shirt. Make sure that the left and right sides are aligned. Place the measuring tape across the shirt from seam to seam.



Take the waist measurement across the narrowest part of the shirt. It may be where the shirt tapers in the middle, or you can find the spot on your shirt where you feel that your waist would be. Measure across from the left side seam to the right side seam.



From the bottom left corner of the shirt, pull the tape across the bottom, and measure to the right corner. Make sure that you measure straight across from seam to seam. Do not measure the curved hem.


Sleeve Width

Starting from the seam where the body meets the sleeve, locate the armpit. Measuring an inch from the armpit, place the tape at this point, and pull the tape straight across the sleeve.


Flip the shirt over now so that the back is facing up and laying flat. Smooth out any wrinkles.


Shirt Length

Place the measuring tape at the bottom edge of the collar, where it connects to the shirt at the midway point. Pull the measuring tape straight down toward the bottom edge of the shirt.



Take this measurement straight across where the back panel and the yoke panel meet between the sleeves. Place the measuring tape at the edge of the left seam. Pull the tape across the yoke toward the edge of the right seam.


Sleeve Length

Place the measuring tape beneath the center of the collar, just below the seam. Pull the tape to the yoke seam, where it connects to the sleeve and note this measurement. Now place the tape at the same yoke seam, and extend the tape down the sleeve to the end of the cuff. The sum of these two measurements, or the measurement straight down, will be your sleeve length.



Spread open the collar so it lays flat and so both the button stitch and buttonhole are across from each other. Placing the measuring tape against the button stitch, pull the tape across the collar until you reach the center of the buttonhole.



For the cuff, repeat the same steps used for the collar by spreading out the cuff flat. Measure from the button stitch until you reach the center of the buttonhole. 


Download Body Measurement Guide

Measuring your body is best done with the help of someone else. You can visit a tailor for the most accurate measurements, or you can enlist the help of someone that is familiar with handling a measuring tape. Follow each of the steps, and be sure to note the unit of measurement. 

Do not add any extra to account for allowance; we will factor that in for you.



Standing up straight in a relaxed position, locate the fullest part of your chest, just below the armpit. Wrap the tape tight around the torso until you have secured it around your chest.



To measure your waist, run the tape around the fullest part of your stomach. This is located at your belly button and will be the best point to mark your measurement. Tightly wrap the tape around your body, but do not press the tape into your stomach.



The hip measurement should be taken at the widest point of your hips. Make sure there are no obstructions on the trousers you are wearing, and stand up straight. Wrap the tape around the hips, keeping it as straight as possible.



Slightly bending your elbow, but not overly flexing, locate the fullest part of your bicep, usually closer to your armpit. Wrap the measuring tape around your bicep, although not too tight.



Stand up straight in a relaxed position. Place the tape at the center of your neck, and run it all the way down until you reach the bottom of your seat. If you wish to wear your shirt untucked, you may shorten the length, but we recommend that our dress shirts be full length in a more traditional design.



Standing up straight in a relaxed position, run the tape across the shoulder, following the curvature of the body, not straight across. The shoulder points are usually located upwards from your armpits, where your sleeves would start if you were wearing a shirt.



To measure your sleeve, start at the center back of the neck, just below where your collar would sit. Run the tape across until you reach the shoulder, and secure this point. Then pull the tape down from the shoulder to the wrist or where you’d prefer your sleeve to end.



To measure your neck size, the point is usually located below your Adam’s apple, where the collar of your shirt would sit. Wrap the tape around your neck loosely as a bit of give is recommended for comfort.



Locate the wrist bone, and place the tape around your wrist. Be sure to keep it tight but not pressing into your skin.