When selecting your design, options can vary by use or personal preference. Sketches and descriptions are provided to help make the selection process clear and easy.


Shirt Front

Standard Front: The standard front is something more timeless that can be used for any occasion—formal, informal, or business (semi-formal/casual)—and can be worn either by itself or with a blazer or suit.

Pique Tux Front: A pique front is when a shirt has a special fabric panel sewn on to the front with a width of about 10 inches(25cm) running down the front of the shirt. This style is slightly simpler and cleaner than a pleated tux. A pique tux front is said to be more suitable for white-tie affairs.

Pleated Tux Front: The front of this shirt has a pleated panel running around 10 inches(25 cm) in width down the front of the shirt. This is the classic traditional look for a tuxedo shirt and is meant for formal occasions, such as a wedding or black-tie affair.

* Both pique and pleated tux fronts are also offered in bib form. Please contact us at with your Order No. and informing us your preference is to have a bib tux front.



Shirt Placket

Standard Placket:  The most common type of placket style and one you can’t go wrong with. Fabric is folded over and sewn with a fused interlining for a classic (and symmetrical) look.

French Placket:  French placket shirts don’t have that folded-over and sewn strip of fabric along the buttons. Going placket-free gives your shirt a cleaner, more minimalist feel, making it an ideal choice for both formal and casual shirts.

Covered Placket: Also known as a fly front, this is a formal, modern style of placket in which an extra piece of fabric covers the buttons on your shirt.




Point: The forward point collar is one of the most classic styles of collars and used to be the predominant collar used in men’s dress shirts. You should be familiar with this style of collar if you own a traditional dress shirt.

Spread: This is the most common type of collar today and the most versatile. They work with suits and tuxedos alike and with both bow ties and neckties.

Wing Tux: This collar gets its name from the fold-out collar points that look like wings. It’s the most formal collar option and is designed to be worn with a bow tie and tuxedo. If you’re going for a laid-back look, this choice isn’t for you—never wear a wing collar with a necktie.

Cutaway: This is a slightly bolder choice in comparison to the point or spread collar. By far, it has the widest angle between the collar points and is usually best when using a tie with a large knot. Known to be preferred for business attire, it can also be worn with both suits and tuxedos.

Band: band collar shirt, also known as Mandarin or Nehru, is designed to be worn without a tie, making it instantly casual. Band collars are on the trendier edges of the tuxedo shirt spectrum, so only wear one with a tux if you’re confident in your style, and check that the event isn’t too formal.



French Cuff: French cuffs are formal shirt cuffs that are rolled back and held in place by cufflinks. If you’re getting married or going to another event that requires a tuxedo, formal French cuffs will elevate your look. We have two options when it comes to your choice of French cuffs: rounded or straight.

Straight Cuff: This style isn’t as common as the traditional barrel cuff, but it is becoming more popular among dress shirts. It’s a cleaner look and is called straight because it clearly comes around with a clean edge.

Mitered Cuff: Also known as an angle cuff, this cuff is known to be more formal. The name originates from a type of joint used in woodworking. This cuff is elegant and dressy with a very clean appearance.

Barrel Cuff: Barrel cuffs don’t require any rolling or cufflinks; instead, they are held closed by buttons. Most of your shirts probably have barrel cuffs as it is a more traditional design and popular among both casual and formal shirts.

*Long Cuff: Available in both French Cuff models, Rounded and Straight. This is recommended for taller gentlemen who like a bit more coverage. 

*Two Button Cuff: This is a slightly longer version of the Straight, Mitered or Barrel Cuff. This is recommended for taller gentlemen.

(Please contact us at with your Order No. if you would like to make the special request for Long Cuff or Two Button Cuff)



Buttons are available in white, black, navy, lt. blue and grey.