2ND IMPRESSION was born on a simple idea, why does your clothing have to be limited?
No matter the occasion everyone is looking to make an impression with the clothes they wear. Usually that impression is only a single or “first impression.” Our concept is to take that to the next level by allowing you to make something unique that not only suits the initial purpose, but is limitless to how you wish to make it your own.
“First impression aren’t everything, make your 2ND IMPRESSION”



We put a lot of thought into this. The scope of our experience spans across 4 continents and various sectors of the clothing industry. This enabled us to take note and fine tune even the smallest of details.

“It’s in the details where quality lives”


That is why our focus was on the product and making sure it is to the exacting standards we needed it to be. We’ve started with custom dress shirts and expanding to include accessories, blazers and suiting. Our standard shirt designs made to measure are delivered within 2-3 weeks, custom designs made to measure 3-4 weeks, and special order designs can vary from 4-8 weeks.